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Our work is commissioned by Irish Local Authorities, public bodies or institutions, colleges, private companies or individual groups.

The work of Irish Life and Lore will be of value to those involved in Research, Education, National History, Social History, Dialect, Theatre, Drama and Music, Archaeology, Hurling and Gaelic Football, Horseracing, Irish Missionaries, Irish Business,  Irish Crafts, Local Government, Emigration and Family History.

The human element in the unique Irish voice, in all its depth, breadth and intonation, is a very precious resource. In our rapidly changing world of instant communication, the local accent and descriptive sayings become threatened, and once lost, cannot be reinstated.  Many of the people recorded over the years have now passed on, though their voices remain with us due to the work of Irish Life and Lore. Several books have also been published by Irish Life and Lore, based on specific recordings and have rare, applicable photographs.

Use of Irish Life and Lore Oral History Collections – copyright

Irish Life and Lore (Maurice and Jane O’Keeffe) retain copyright to the recordings compiled by them and to photographs created or sourced by them. When a library purchases an oral history collection, or collections, the promotional video supplied by Irish Life and Lore with the collection, which contains audio clips and images from the collection, may be used internally in the library and externally (e.g. YouTube) for promotional purposes. The recordings in their entirety may not be put on YouTube. Each recording in the oral history collection/s may be used in its entirety on library computers, and copies of the recordings may be made for lending to library members.


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