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PODCAST: The Irish Palatines in Kerry

In 1709, several hundred families from the German Palatinate were settled in Ireland. These Palatines established roots in Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary and Wexford.”In came the brass-coloured Palatine from the ancient bank of the Swabian Rhine” P.W. Joyce.Their story is fascinating, and can be related to the immigrants from Ukraine to Ireland today.

PODCAST: McCalmont Family Papers Mt Juliet, Co Kilkenny

This podcast records the recent occasion when Harry McCalmont agreed to hand over some family papers to Local Studies at Kilkenny Library HQ. Declan Macauley and Alicia Dunphy of Kilkenny Library met myself and Harry McCalmont at his home at Norelands Stud, originally part of the Mount Juliet estate.

PODCAST: Irish Schoolchildren Ask the Questions 20 Years Ago

In 2002, with the permission of school authorities, I visited primary schools in South West Ireland and handed my microphone to the children so that they could ask questions of a very knowledgeable person in their community. The questions asked ranged far and wide, and some wonderful recordings were compiled as a result.The schools visited […]

PODCAST: Negotiating the Good Friday Agreement

This podcast tells the story of those involved in bringing about the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. You will hear the voices of Dr. Martin Mansergh, special advisor on the North, who was involved in discussions between the Nationalist parties and the Irish Government, and Bertie Ahern who worked tirelessly to bring an end […]

PODCAST: Paddy Hayes: Former MD Ford Ireland

This podcast relates to a recording compiled with Paddy Hayes who recalled initially his climb to the top of the Ford factory in Cork before having to close the factory on 13th July 1980. He was then headhunted by Waterford Crystal, became Chairman of the company and again finding himself in a situation where, in […]

PODCAST: Remembering General Liam Lynch

Liam Lynch was Chief of Staff of the IRA during much of the Civil War in Ireland. He was killed in South Tipperary on 10 April 1923 while attempting to escape capture by the Free State Army.Two voices from our Irish Life and Lore archive may be heard in this podcast – those of his […]

PODCAST: Marking the Centenary in Kerry of the formation of An Garda Síochána

On 30th November 2022 the centenary was marked at a ceremony in Listowel at which I spoke, and also at a number of other venues in Kerry during the month of December. I used audio material from our Irish Life and Lore archive to illustrate my talk and to demonstrate the importance of recorded oral […]

PODCAST: The Big House in Kerry : A Social History

This week’s podcast takes a look at a most anticipated new book which will be published next week. The Big House in Kerry: A Social History will be in bookshops after 25th November. It will also be available via our website at Twelve of Kerry’s fine historians contributed chapters for the book, each examining […]

PODCAST: David Slattery : Travel Agent Based in Tralee, County Kerry

David Slattery, who sadly passed away recently, was one of the most innovative tour operators of his generation. In the early 1960s he saw huge change beginning in the travel industry. He joined the family travel business in Tralee, which had begun trading as a shipping agency in the 1930s. He introduced new ideas which […]

PODCAST: An Interview with Ted Crosbie (RIP) of Cork

Ted Crosbie sadly passed away on 9th October 2022. In recordings compiled between 2009 and 2011, he recalls his early life at Woodlands House, Montenotte, Cork; his schooldays and his studies at UCC; his rugby career; his love of sailing and his many adventures in the sport, and his long involvement with Cork Opera House. […]

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