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PODCAST: John Moriarty – Philosopher, Writer and Poet

We were privileged to have been given the opportunity to record Kerryman John Moriarty during the year prior to his passing, in 2007. He was recorded at length about his life, his writings and his beliefs.

We were prompted to create this podcast having received an email from Canada in which the writer stressed the importance of getting the voice of John Moriarty, and details of his life’s work, out to a wider audience. We are very happy to comply.

Original Email from Francis Cassidy –

My name is Francis Cassidy, a Donegal man currently living in Canada. I purchased the John Moriarty interviews from your site about 3 months ago and I very much enjoyed them. I was glad to find the interviews as I have been reading and listening to John for some years now.

I just wanted to reach out and ask if you would consider making the interviews freely available? Perhaps putting them up on YouTube or on your podcast? I really think that John had an important message and relatively few Irish people seem to be familiar with his work. Given that these interviews were carried out in the last year of his life, and there was so much wisdom, I really feel that you’d be honouring the man by making his words freely available for others to learn from in these turbulent times. I often think of other thinkers who have passed on, and when their talks are freely available they seem to find and influence more people in subsequent generations.

Whatever you decide to do, I want to thank you for recording these interviews with John at the time. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

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