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PODCAST: Memories of Irish Jesuits in Hong Kong

While working on an oral history project in 2011 to record the children of those who played a central role in the 1916 Rising, Maurice O’Keeffe of Irish Life and Lore ( travelled to Hong Kong to meet and record Fr. Joseph Mallin, son of executed revolutionary Michael Mallin.

The late Fr. Joseph Mallin worked as a Jesuit Missionary in Hong Kong. While there Maurice recorded not only his story about his father’s life but also his testimony about his life as a Missionary in the region.

It was a fortuitous meeting which led to the compilation of seven further recordings with members of the Jesuit Community there, and soundclips from each of the eight recordings may be heard on this podcast.

All of the eight full length recordings are available via

The people recorded were the following:

Fr. Sean O Cearbhallain, Fr. John Russell, the late Fr. James Hurley, the late Fr. Alfred Deignan, the late Fr. Ciaran Kane, the late Fr. Harold Naylor and Fr. Sean Coghlan.

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