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PODCAST: Memories of Trinity College Community 1930s-1950s

This podcast provides a unique opportunity to hear a selected number of sound clips taken from the Trinity College Dublin Oral History Collection we compiled in 2011.

The voices you will hear include those of:

Barbara Wright, Emeritus Prof. French Literature

Brian McMurry, Emeritus Prof. Organic Chemistry

Geraldine Watts, graduate and widow of former Provost Bill Watts

Ian Howie, Emeritus Associate Prof. Zoology. Former Vice Provost

Janet Moody, graduate and daughter of T.W.Moody

Jennifer Lyons, widow of former Provost F.S.L. Lyons

Joseph Haughton, Emeritus Prof. Geography

Leslie Greer, graduate

Louden Ryan, Emeritus Prof. Political Economy

Peter Boyle, Emeritus Senior Lecturer Organic Chemistry

Peter Gatenby, Emeritus RegiusProf. Physic

Susan Parks, Emeritus Senior Lecturer Education

William Vincent Denard, Emeritus Senior Lecturer Mental and Moral Science

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