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PODCAST: Policing the Irish Free State, (part 2/2)

This week’s podcast continues to highlight Irish men and women who served their country as members of An Garda Síochána in earlier days. You will hear sound clips from recordings compiled with retired members of the force, who include:

Bertie Carey, originally from North Kerry, who was suspended from the force in the 1950s.

William Geary from West Limerick, suspended in 1929.

Jim Crockett, originally from Cork city who was involved in the recovery of stolen art works in the late 1980s.

Pat Kearney, originally from Castleisland Co. Kerry recalls his time on the beat in Limerick city in the 1960s.

Ann McCabe, widow of Garda Gerry McCabe, discusses the killing of her husband during an attempted bank raid by the IRA in Adare in 1996.

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