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PODCAST: Policing the Irish Free State, (part 1/2)

An Garda Síochána was formed in February 1922. To mark this forthcoming centenary, we have selected from our archive of oral history recordings some excerpts which illustrate the manner in which policing was carried out by men and women who dedicated their working lives to the service of the Irish state.

The voices you will hear on this podcast are:

Dan Donovan, born in 1906, joined An Garda Síochána in 1922

George Dennison, born 1925. Joined 1945

Michael Kilkenny, born 1918. Joined 1939

Gerry Murray, born 1930s. Joined 1960s

Mary Stratford, born 1940. Joined 1960

Eamon Doyle, born 1940. Joined 1963

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