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PODCAST: Salvaging Pugin’s Brasswork from St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney

In the 1960s, Vatican 11 resulted in the introduction of great change in the Catholic Church, which included the dismantling and disappearance of many fine eclesiastical artifacts.

Major structural work was carried out on the interior of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney in order to adapt the building for the renewal liturgy, and decorative brass work designed by the cathedral architect Agustus Pugin specifically for the building, was removed and sold.   Happily, the twelve brass electroliers have been repaired by the original manufacturers in Birmingham, and have been rehung in the cathedral.

In this podcast you will hear the voices of the following people:

Christa Link, daughter in law of German church architect, the late Clements Link who salvaged the brass work from St. Mary’s Cathedral in 1972.

Bishop Eamon Casey, Bishop of Kerry in 1972.

Harry Wallace, Killarney architect

Jeanne Meldon, descendant of Agustus Pugin

Neil Phillips of Hardman & Co. Birmingham.

Fr. Brian Doolan, author and Dean at St. Jad’s Cathedral, Birmingham

Sean O’Grady,  member of Killarney Council

Alex White, church architect

David Cowan, stained glass artist and metal worker.

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