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PODCAST: The Arrival of Computer Technology in Ireland

The computer is the single most significant factor to contribute to the world of communications which we inhabit today, but when did this technology arrive in Ireland?

In this podcast you will hear the voices of some of those who were instrumental in this endeavour, people such as engineer, Michael Haydon who occupied several top management positions and who discusses rural electrification; John Byrne, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science in TCD; Des Tannam who operated the first computer in Ireland at Clondalkin Paper Mills; Frank McCabe, former Director of Manufacturing with G.E’s Semiconductors subsidy in Dundalk.

Also to be heard are former UCC President, Gerry Wrixon, former Director of National Microelectronics Research Centre;  Edmund Walsh, Chairman of the Planning Board and former President of UL;  Engineer Stepehn O’Sullivan, Electronic Engineer with Fexco; Brendan Tuohy, Former Asst. Secretary, Department of Transport Energy and Communications, and  Larry Poland, former Head of Electrical Engineering, Crawford Institute of Technology, Cork who developed a course in Communications.

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