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PODCAST: The Golden Age of Cork Comedy

The wonderful entertainment enjoyed in various venues around Cork city in earlier decades is recalled in this podcast which features the voices of many of the participants and performers. These people were hugely passionate about their craft and provided enormous entertainment, wit, humour and banter in the city, and the memories of those glorious nights in the Cork Opera House, the Group Theatre and elsewhere, live on in the collective Cork memory.

This collection of audio clips from the Irish Life and Lore archive, compiled in 2008, features the following voices:

Noel Barrett

Maeve Delaney

Dick and Sheila Healy

Bella O’Connell

Declan Hassett

Paddy Comerford

Charlie Hennessy

Dan Donovan

Frank Duggan

Michael Twomey

Gretta Owens

Vass Anderson

Donal O’Donovan

Siobhan O’Brien

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