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PODCAST: The Importance of the Irish Relationship with the Potato Crop

The Irish Potato Federation was proud to host the World Potato Congress in North Dublin recently. To mark this occasion, Irish Life and Lore have selected soundclips from recordings in our archive to illustrate the importance of the potato crop to generations of Irish people down through the years.

Featured are the voices of the following people:

Tom Maher, Co. Offaly

Eddie Walsh, Co. Clare

Mary Clifford, Co. Kerry

Annie McConnell, Co. Donegal

Thomas O’Connor, Co. Donegal

Mary Coyle, Co. Kildare

Paud Flynn, Co. Dublin

Mary Leonard, Co. Dublin

Patrick Lambert, Co. Dublin

Seamus McHugh, Co. Donegal

Tom O’Connor, Co. Kerry

Brigid Burke, Co. Mayo

Brigid Malone, Co. Tipperary.

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