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PODCAST: The Irish Civil War – Revolutionary Kerry Women

Two gripping stories are to be heard in this podcast. The first voice you will hear is that of Eleanor Burke of Kenmare. She was the daughter of Rosalie Rice who, along with her mother Kathleen and brother John Joe, were steeped in republicanism. During the Civil War Kenmare was bitterly divided. Free Staters the O’Connor Scarteen brothers were shot unarmed in their home. Members of the IRA were excommunicated.The second voices are those of Mary Cashman, niece of Cuman na mBan member Annie Sinnott from Kerry, and Chris Halpin, grandnephew of Cuman na mBan member Bridie Halpin from Dublin. Both women went on hunger strike at Kilmainham Jail in February 1923.

In 2006, Mary and Chris came to their cell in Kilmainham Jail to see their relatives’ names scratched into the wall, and a message: All I ask is to remember me.

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