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PODCAST: The Landed Gentry of West Cork

The first Plantation of West Cork took place in the 1580s, and continued into the 17th century. The English Crown hoped to create English settlements which could be defended in the area as they had been in the broader region of Ireland.

The planters were given vast acreages of land which formed the origins of the great Anglo-Irish estates which were to survive for centuries.

During the War of Independence and the Civil War many of West Cork’s Anglo-Irish landowners left Ireland due to intimidation, death threats and arson attacks on their properties. Some of the houses and the resident families survived the spate of burnings carried out by the IRA, and others, whose homes were destroyed, decided to remain despite the intimidation.

In this podcast you will hear the voices of the following people:

Violet Howe, Glounavirane House, Howe Strand, Kilbrittain

Neil Travers, Timoleague House, Timoleague

Rosaleen Tonson Rye, Ryecourt, Cloughduv

Ted Newenham, Coolmore House, Carrigaline

Stawell St. Leger Heard, Coolmaine Castle and Kilbrittain Castle, Kilbrittain.

Chambre Good, Cor Castle, Innishannon

Egerton Shelswell White, Bantry House

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