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PODCAST: The Story of Liebherr Cranes, Killarney

This is a fascinating account of the origins of a company which has had far reaching and very positive effects on the economy of a town in Ireland’s southwest.

In 1949 in Germany, Hans Liebherr invented the tower crane, and he later commissioned the first Liebherr factory outside of Germany with the intention of gaining a foothold in the British and American markets. A site on the outskirts of Killarney was decided upon for the facility which would manufacture tower cranes, followed by container, shipyard and special cranes.

In this podcast, Hans Leibherr explains the reasons why he chose Killarney as the site for his factory, and discusses the expansion of the facility over the years, the outstanding success of the business and the logistics of transporting the crane parts.

Other voices to be heard are those of Klaus Nolke, Technical Director at Liebherr, his wife Christal Nolke, Sales Director Finian Ford, driver Brendan Griffin, administrator Brian O’Kelly, and Director of Fenit Harbour Board Michael Latchford.

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