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PODCAST: The Story of The Kerryman Newspaper

This podcast features many voices from our oral history archive, taken from recordings we compiled over the years with staff members of The Kerryman newspaper and contains some fascinating stories and memories of working with the newspaper. It provides a great insight into how deeply embedded The Kerryman really is in the local community, and also with the Kerry diaspora around the world.

The people whose voices are included are:

Don Nolan, grandson of one of the founder members, Daniel Nolan.

Con Houlihan who began his journalistic career with The Kerryman.

Donal Hickey, who also began his career with The Kerryman.

Michael O’Regan, who also started with The Kerryman.

Seamus McConville, editor 1974-1988.

Michael Lynch IMPA. Joined the newspaper in 1948

Joe Galvin, joined in 1945. Company representative.

Eamon Horan, sports writer, joined 1959.

John Barry, sports writer from the 1970s.

Tommy Quirke, compositor from the 1940s.

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