Doreen Shine

Doreen Shine


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Recording No: 11

Interviewee: Doreen Shine (née Blennerhassett)
Date of Birth: 1926
Interview Location: Tuogh, Adare, Co. Limerick
Recorded by: Maurice O’Keeffe – Irish Life and Lore
Series Title: Rhineland Palatine Irish Heritage | Oral History Collection
Date Recorded: 9/6/2023
Recording Length: 60 mins.

Keywords: Blennerhassett family connections in Kerry; Palatine fruit farm; orchard garden; industrious and entrepreneurial people; cider making; Orpen family of Ardtully Castle; Sam Shine; Samco Agricultural Manufacturing.

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Audio series:

Rhineland Palatine Irish Heritage

Date Recorded



60 mins

Location of Recording

Adare, Co. Limerick

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