Michael O’Leary
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Michael O’Leary


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Recording No: 269

Theme: Agriculture

Interviewee: Michael O’Leary
Date of Birth: 1922
Interview Location: Co. Kerry
Recorded by: Maurice O’Keeffe – Irish Life and Lore
Series Title: 1922-2022: A Century of Change (part 3)
Date Recorded: 26/06/2004
Recording Length: 01:12:50

Keywords: Island life on Illauntannig, The Maheree Islands, Co. Kerry; Building traditional canoe; Piloting sailing ships to Fenit Port; Mackerel fishing in the 1920s; Crop Growing on the Seven Hog Islands 1930s Regattas in Kerry 1920s; Livestock on O’Leary’s Island; Goodwin family on Illauntannig; Lobster fishing; Collecting seaweed on the islands. Murt O’Leary of the Maheree Islands; Gun-runing in Holy Week 1916.; The Aud on Holy Thursday 1916.

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1922-2022 A Century of Change (part 3)

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Maurice O'Keeffe

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North Kerry