Billy Mullins (b. 1896)
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Billy Mullins (b. 1896)


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Track 1: In this important recording, Billy Mullins recalls the arrest of Roger Casement on Good Friday 1916. He explains that he was instructed by Paddy Cahill to deliver a message from the imprisoned Casement to the headquarters of the IRB in Dublin, stating the limitations of the assistance which Germany could offer to the Rising. Track 2: Billy Mullins recalls that he was sworn into the IRB by Austin Stack in 1914. Track 3: He details his memories of arriving at Liberty Hall with William Partridge, a fellow Volunteer, their meeting with the IRB leaders and noting their reaction to the message he brought. He returned to Tralee on Easter Sunday and assembled for active service at The Basin with the other Volunteer Companies. The shock of hearing of the Countermanding Order issued by Eoin MacNeill is described. Track 4: His arrest with other Volunteers, their transfer to Richmond Prison and subsequently to Brixton Prison is recalled. He explains that during the War of Independence, he was a member of the Rock Street Company, which was sent on a mission to disarm the Auxiliaries at a military outpost on the north Kerry Railway. Track 5: He recalls meeting General Michael Collins in Dublin in 1920, and also Intelligence Officer Tim Kennelly and an employee of Dublin Castle named McNamara.

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The 1916 Rising

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Eddie Barrett (grand-nephew of Austin Stack)