Camilla Mitchell
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Camilla Mitchell


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Track 1: Camilla Mitchell describes her early memories of her father, Bulmer Hobson, and of life at the family home in Rathfarnham in Dublin. This track also includes comments by Camilla’s husband, John Mitchell, including mention of the fact that Bulmer Hobson was on the British “wanted” list, and was regarded as the most dangerous man in Ireland in the period prior to the 1916 Rising. Track 2: Camilla’s mother, Claire Regan from Carlow, is recalled, and her parents’ complex relationship, separation and divorce is discussed. Her own bond with her father was close, she explains. Track 3: The background of the Hobson family of Belfast is depicted. The turbulence which existed within the family due to Bulmer’s republican idealism and actions is discussed. The visitors to their home in Castleconnell, where Bulmer Hobson resided in his later years, included Denis McCullough, James Delargy and Jack O’Leary. They are recalled by John Mitchell, who explains that he assisted Bulmer Hobson to write his autobiography. Track 4: The comparative ostracisation of her father by some sections of the public during the years following the Rising, and its effect on him, are recalled by Camilla Mitchell. Track 5: Bulmer Hobson’s antipathy towards Éamon de Valera, and the absence of any mention of Michael Collins by Hobson, are explored. Track 6: Bulmer Hobson’s feelings of neutrality during the Civil War are recalled, as is an occasion in 1966 when Radio Telefís Éireann recorded him on his memories of the period of the Rising. This recording forms part of this Irish Life and Lore 1916 Rising Collection. John Mitchell recalls his father-in-law’s reaction to the executions during the Civil War. Track 7: The personality and character of Bulmer Hobson is recalled by his daughter, Camilla, who states that he was a pacifist, lacking in aggression, and a great organiser. The meeting and marriage of her parents is also discussed. Track 8: Contains details of the funeral of Bulmer Hobson in Roundstone in Co. Wicklow, and the attendance at this event. Track 9: John Mitchell recounts an anecdote told to him in Philadelphia relating to a motor car occupied by Bulmer Hobson and Pat McCartan. Camilla Mitchell describes an extraordinary link to history through her paternal Belfast grandmother, who would relate stories told to her by her own grandmother about the fear engendered locally by the threat of invasion by Napoleon’s army.

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Hobson, Bulmer (Interviewee’s father)

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