Fr. Joseph Mallin (b. 1913), Part 1
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Fr. Joseph Mallin (b. 1913), Part 1


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Track 1: Fr. Joseph Mallin describes his Mallin and Hickey family backgrounds. Track 2: The activities of his aunts and uncles during the 1916 -1923 period are discussed. The many raids on the Mallin home by the British forces are recalled, as are reminders to Joseph Mallin by his sister, Máire, of their visit to Kilmainham Jail on the night of their father Michael Mallin’s execution. He explains the reasons why he was given his christian name and speaks of his father’s wish that he would become a priest. He recalls his carers in childhood after his mother became unwell, which included Una Gordon (later to become the wife of Austin Stack) and Margaret Pearse, sister of P. H. Pearse, who cared for him and his sister in St. Enda’s. Track 3: Fr. Joseph describes the support of his mother by the White Cross. (The White Cross was a Sinn Féin organisation founded in Dublin in February 1921 to distribute the American White Cross Fund. It was used to assist the men and their families who suffered because of their involvement during the War of Independence.) Track 4: Contains details of Michael Mallin’s involvement in the 1916 Rising. His son gives his views on the surrender. Track 5: Visits by revolutionaries to the Mallin home are recalled. Track 6: Fr. Joseph Mallin reflects on being the only surviving child of an executed leader of the 1916 Rising. He discusses his education and his reasons for becoming a Jesuit priest. Tracks 7-8: Fr. Mallin mentions his brother, Séamus Mallin, and an accident with a gun. He reflects upon his own trip to Kilmainham on a visit to Ireland from Hong Kong, and its effect. His memories of the Black and Tans and of being brought by motor car to a 1916 commemoration event during his childhood, are described. He recalls meeting with Éamon de Valera during a visit home from Hong Kong in 1966, and a previously unrevealed secret told to him by de Valera.

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Mallin, Michael (Interviewee’s father)

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