Helen Holland (b. 1925)
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Helen Holland (b. 1925)


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Track 1: Helen Holland explains that her grandmother, Ellen Holland (née Cullen), was a recruiting agent and the “brains” behind much of the organisation which occurred prior to the 1916 Rising. Four of her sons were involved: Dan, Francis, Michael and Robert. The use of the Holland home for the making of grenades is discussed as is the fundraising trip to America made by her grandfather, Daniel Holland, before the Rising. Track 2: Helen’s upbringing at Inchicore in Dublin, and her father’s discharge from the Irish Army are recalled. Her father’s sudden death in the mid-1930s, and the family’s subsequent financial difficulties, are also recalled. Track 3: Helen’s grandmother, Ellen Holland, and her direction of operations in 1916 from her house in Inchicore, are described. Track 4: Sr. Philomena O’Daly, daughter of Paddy O’Daly, is present and she recalls Ellen Holland’s demeanour, her intelligence and her strength. (Paddy O’Daly was a member of Collins’s Squad and a prominent pro-Treaty figure.) Track 5: Helen Holland describes her early working life in Rowntree’s Factory and her later emigration to England. The strong bond which exists between the Holland and O’Daly families is emphasised, as is the memorabilia which survives from earlier times, and which is of great importance to both families. Track 6: Sr. Philomena O’Daly recalls a story relating to Dan Holland, who brought her brother, Paddy, into Mountjoy Jail to see their father during the War of Independence. She discusses her father’s escape from the prison and the visitors who would come to the O’Daly home in later years. Track 7: Helen Holland recounts her memories of her father, and recounts an anecdote relating to a car journey with her father and her siblings during her childhood in the 1930s. The Eucharistic Congress of 1932, and her family’s involvement therewith, are also recalled. Track 8: Helen discusses her own life in England following her emigration, and her feelings regarding the activities of her grandmother, father and uncles during the 1916-1923 period.

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Holland, Dan (Interviewee’s father)

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