John Desmond Oulton (b. 1921)
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John Desmond Oulton (b. 1921)


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Track 1: John Oulton outlines his early memories of growing up in Clontarf Castle. Track 2: John Oulton discusses his brief period with the Royal Irish Rifles in World War II, his father’s death in 1952 and his own inheritance, and the wild parties which took place at Clontarf Castle in succeeding years. He also discusses his inheritance of a huge debt from his father. Track 3: John Oulton discusses the Vernon family connections, and their ownership of Clontarf Castle. Track 4: His studies at Trinity, and his subsequent law practice are recalled by John Oulton. John’s wife, Marianne, recalls their marriage in 1958. The sale of Clontarf Castle and the furniture auction are also recalled. Track 5: The move to Muxna Lodge in Kenmare, to his mother’s family home, is recalled, as is his passion for fishing and his memories of the Landsdowne family. Track 6: Sheen Falls and Dromore Castle and their occupants at that time are recalled. Track 7: Ardtully Castle and the Orpens are remembered. Track 8: Marianne Oulton discusses her Dublin family’s experience during the Troubles in Dublin. Track 8: Garinish Island in Kenmare Bay and the Armitage family owners are remembered. Track 9: John Oulton’s mother’s people, the Calverlys, are discussed. Track 10: The visitors’ book from 1919 onwards used in Clontarf Castle and Muxna Lodge is examined. Track 11: In 1926 and 1927, John Oulton’s father was President of the Irish cricket team, and stories relating to the team’s visit to Kenmare at that time, are told.

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Muxna Lodge, Kenmare, Co Kerry and Clontarf Castle Dublin

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