Sir Adrian Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry (b. 1940)
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Sir Adrian Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry (b. 1940)


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Track 1: Sir Adrian Fitzgerald recalls his upbringing and education in England, and holidaying at his grandparents’ home at Barrow House, near Tralee. Track 2: Glanleam was bought by his cousins, the Spring Rices in 1935, and Sir Adrian discusses this, and the involvement by his family in the Valentia Quarries in earlier days. Track 3: Maurice Fitzgerald, an ancestor of Adrian Fitzgerald of Glanleam and Peter Fitzgerald’s involvement in developing the gardens there are recalled. Track 4: Maurice Fitzgerald of Glanleam and his work with Daniel O’Connell is examined. Track 5: Maurice Fitzgerald was M.P. for Kerry, and Sir Adrian Fitzgerald describes his influence and achievements. Track 6: Maurice Fitzgerald’s son Peter is recalled, as is his involvement with the cable project at Valentia. Track 7: Julia Fitzgerald, wife of Peter Fitzgerald, was a sister to Samuel Hussey, well known Land Agent in Kerry, and the connection is discussed by Sir Adrian Fitzgerald. Track 8: Peter Fitzgerald, the 19th Knight of Kerry is recalled, and his efforts to be benevolent as a landlord is explained. Track 9: Some of the many letters to newspapers written by Peter Fitzgerald are discussed, and the reasons the letters were written are explained. Track 10: Sir Maurice Fitzgerald, the 20th Knight of Kerry, great grandfather to Sir Adrian Fitzgerald was known as the ‘wealthy Knight’. His military career and his sporting prowess are discussed. Track 11: The Royal Hotel in Knightstown, Valentia was leased by the Fitzgerald family in the 19th century, and Sir Adrian discusses this period. Problems caused by absentee landlords, and the estates in North Kerry are also discussed. Track 12: Glanlean was untouched during The Troubles of the early 20th century and the reasons for this are explained by Sir Adrian Fitzgerald. Track 13: Sir Adrian recalls his grandparents, Sir Arthur and Lady Fitzgerald, and their lives at Barrow House. Track 14: Recruiting in Kerry in 1914 is discussed. Sir Adrian Fitzgerald’s mother was a member of the Mitchell family and she is recalled here. Track 15: Sir Adrian Fitzgerald discusses the lives of his father, Sir George Fitzgerald, and of his grandfather, Sir Arthur Fitzgerald, and the changes which occurred during their lifetime. Track 16: The extended Fitzgerald family at Ballyard House, Tralee is discussed. Track 17: The railway line from Farranfore to Reenard, and the Fitzgerald family’s influence in its construction is discussed.

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Glanleam House, Valentia, Co Kerry Part 1

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