Ted Newenham (b. 1924)
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Ted Newenham (b. 1924)


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Track 1: Ted Newenham’s father, Captain Percy Worth Newenham, served in the Munster Fusiliers during WWI and he details his father’s experiences in the trenches. The medical treatment he received when wounded and his experiences in hospital are described, and Ted explains that, thankfully, his father did not suffer shell-shock and he returned to farming after the war. Ted’s uncle, Billy Newenham who also served, is remembered. Their father, always known as ‘The Major’, also campaigned with the British army in his time. Track 2: Ted talks about his father’s contemporaries in the services and explains that among them was Robert Gibbings, the artist, whom Ted remembers. Noelle Newenham, Ted’s wife, talks about Gibbing’s art works which were created in the trenches and are still in the family. She also discusses her mother’s cousin, Pat Rennison, who served with the cavalry in India. Ted considers that generally his father Percy was respected in the area and he explains that the family military tradition was continued by his older brother, Worth, in the Royal Air Force who was involved in over thirty bombing raids over Germany during WWII. Track 3: During WWI, Ted’s grandfather looked after the estate, with the help of a steward. Before the war, Percy had spent a few years in Canada working as a cowboy, and Ted recalls how his father would talk about this period in his life. He remembers good times when he and Percy would go game shooting in Coolmore and boating in Cork harbour during the summers. His parents married about 1916 and his grandfather died not long afterwards. His father’s politics are also discussed. Track 4: Ted recalls the financial difficulties which his father had to deal with when he took over the estate. Ted began his schooling in Castlepark in Dublin, and was later schooled in Shropshire in England from 1939, finishing in 1942. He explains that at that age it was natural to sign up and his father helped him to do so. He enlisted in Belfast with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and he was quickly called up. However, his military career was shortened by illness and he returned home to a farming life. He discusses his brother’s campaign as a pilot in WWII, and the differences in warfare to that experienced by their father on the front. He provides some detail on his brother’s campaign, bombing in Germany during WWII, and the real futility of war is discussed.

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The Newenham family's involvement in the Great War

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Maurice O'Keeffe – Irish Life and Lore