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PODCAST: The Golden Age of Cork Comedy

The wonderful entertainment enjoyed in various venues around Cork city in earlier decades is recalled in this podcast which features the voices of many of the participants and performers. These people were hugely passionate about their craft and provided enormous entertainment, wit, humour and banter in the city, and the memories of those glorious nights […]

PODCAST: The Wren Boys and Mummers of Ireland

Each year on St. Stephen’s Day, December 26th, sees the tradition of people in towns and villages in Ireland dress up in costume which includes a straw head covering, and parade through the streets behind a local band.   This is a tradition which has remained unbroken for centuries and is still very strong in […]

PODCAST: Men of the South: Irish Revolutionaries in Profile

This podcast tells a fascinating story about the Irish artist Sean Keating RHA (1889-1977) and his iconic painting Men of the South.  The work captures a time of turmoil in Ireland and  features men from the North Cork Flying Column as they wait in ambush for a British military group.  Keating created the painting at […]

PODCAST: The Arrival of Computer Technology in Ireland

The computer is the single most significant factor to contribute to the world of communications which we inhabit today, but when did this technology arrive in Ireland? In this podcast you will hear the voices of some of those who were instrumental in this endeavour, people such as engineer, Michael Haydon who occupied several top […]

PODCAST: The Battle of Jadotville

In 2000, an oral history project was undertaken by Irish Life and Lore on the Battle of Jadotville. Some of the survivors of the battle were recorded for the project. Between 1960 and 1964 the Irish Army forces were involved in a peacekeeping mission with the UN in the Congo. On 13th September 1961, A […]

PODCAST: The Supernatural World

The Supernatural encompasses entities, events and places which would fall outside the scope of scientific understanding of the natural laws of nature. Included would be supernatural beings such as the banshee, the fairies, angels, spirits, gods, and the human ability to create magic, experience premonitions and utilise telepathetic messaging. All the people whose voices can […]

PODCAST: Irish Halloween Stories

Halloween has been celebrated in Ireland for thousands of years, originating from the Pagan festival of Samhain which marked the beginning of the dark half of the year. It was believed that spirits and other unworldly beings could visit our mortal world at Halloween, and roam far and wide around the countryside. The recordings you […]

PODCAST: Lives in Peril

In this podcast you will hear the voices of three Kerry people who, during their lives, were exposed to great danger and were lucky to survive to tell their stories. Sr. Noreen Dennehy who assisted Mons. Hugh O’Flaherty in Rome during WW2 while he was sheltering Jews in the Vatican from the Nazis. Jim O’Carroll, […]

PODCAST: Stories from Irish Missionaries

Through the 20th c. young Irish men and women joined religious orders with a view to working on as missionaries around the world.  The countries they worked in were often at war, famine-ridden or suffering through enormous social injustice. In 2011, the Irish Missionary Union commissioned us to compile an oral history collection to record […]

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