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PODCAST: The Lives of Irish Racing People Part 2

This is part 2 to a Podcast released on 6th August, 2020. Hear the voices of well known personalities in the Irish Thoroughbred Horse Racing industry as they describe their passion for the sport. Breeder and trainer Clem Magnier (b.1917), Kevin Prendergast, son of the legendary breeder and trainer Darkey, Breeder and trainer Gita Weld […]

PODCAST: The 1916 Rising and its Aftermath

The voices you will hear on this podcast are those of close family members of the executed leaders in the Rising: Patrick Pearse and Willie Pearse, Michael Mallin, Con Colbert and Thomas McDonagh. The late Alex Findlater relates details about his grandfather, Captain Henry deCourcy Wheeler, who took the surrender from some of the leaders […]

PODCAST: The Civil War in Kerry

In Kerry the Civil War was a bitter and divisive conflict, with atrocities committed by both sides.  The voices you will hear on this podcast will recall incidents in Kerry during that time, including the landing of Free State personnel at Fenit and the march to Tralee; the Ballyseedy massacre, the fatal shooting on the […]

PODCAST: Bloody Sunday

12th November 1920 was a day of terrible violence in Dublin. Early that morning, in an operation organised by Michael Collins, the IRA assassinated twelve British Intelligence agents in their homes in Dublin, and in the afternoon, in retaliation, fourteen civilians were shot by Crown Forces during a GAA game in Croke Park. Eyewitness accounts […]

PODCAST: Kilmorna Visitors Book

This podcast illustrates remarkable stories about two important and colourful figures in Irish history. Pierce Mahony, The Mahony of Kerry, and Arthur Vickers, Ulster King of Arms and Keeper of the Irish Crown Jewels. Both men lived at Kilmorna House in North Kerry at different times from the 1870s to the early 20th century, while […]

PODCAST: Kilmichael Ambush

On 28th November 1920, members of an IRA Flying Column led by Tom Barry ambushed members of the Auxiliaries at Kilmichael in West Cork in which sixteen Crown forces were killed.  Two IRA members also died. The event was politically and militarily significant and marked a turning point in the fight for freedom. A West […]

PODCAST: Battle of Jadotville

This podcast relates to the Battle of Jadotville which took place in September 1961 in The Congo, when “A” Company 35th Battalion of the Irish Army UN Service were attacked by Katangese forces. The lightly armed Irish troops were besieged for five days and fought bravely against a large force of Katangese. Commanding the Irish […]

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