Count Eoghan Peter Plunkett (b. 1929)
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Count Eoghan Peter Plunkett (b. 1929)


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Track 1: Eoghan Peter Plunkett was born in 1929, not long after Kevin O’Higgins was shot, a shooting of which his father, George Plunkett, was accused. The great distress caused to his mother at that time and also her ill health following the death of his father in 1944, is discussed. Eoghan speaks of his grandfather, George Noble Plunkett, who had a great interest in the arts and who was created a Papal Count in 1884. Track 2: The women of the Plunkett family are recalled, and details of Grace Plunkett (née Gifford), who married Joseph Mary Plunkett just prior to his execution, are provided. The wonderful library collected by George Noble Plunkett, a library now sadly lost to the family, is discussed, as is the character of Count Plunkett’s father, George, and his connection with John J. O’Kelly (‘Sceilg’). Track 3: A discussion follows on Joseph Mary Plunkett’s execution and its legacy in relation to the Plunkett family and the Plunkett name. Track 4: Count Plunkett’s introduction to Éamon de Valera on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Irish Press is discussed. Track 5: The Civil War is recalled, along with the repercussions which may still be felt. The wider Plunkett family is described, and Count Eoghan Plunkett’s father’s decision to leave the IRA is recalled. Tracks 6-7: The bitterness felt by the Plunkett family following the execution of Joseph Mary Plunkett is discussed, and the death sentences imposed on his two brothers, George and Jack, are recalled. Count Eoghan Plunkett gives his views on the 1966 Commemorations and the material published at that time. His first visit to Kilmainham Jail, together with his response, is described, and two members of the IRA are recalled – Jim Donovan and Seán Russell. Tracks 8-9: The revolutionary zeal of the Plunkett family in former times, and its origins, are explored. The great book collection owned by the family, the death of Eoghan’s elder brother, and his mother’s suffering following his father’s death, are recalled. The assistance provided by his uncle, Jack Plunkett, and by his maternal McCarthy family from Dunmanway, Co. Cork are described. Eoghan mentions his mother’s membership of Cumman na mBan prior to her marriage, and the fact that she shared a flat in Dublin with two other members of the organisation, while Michael Collins simultaneously occupied another part of the house during the War of Independence.

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