Elizabeth Lady O’Connell (b. 1923)
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Elizabeth Lady O’Connell (b. 1923)


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Track 1: Elizabeth Lady O’Connell traces her McCarthy O’Leary family background and the Fogarty family. Track 2: Elizabeth O’Connell describes the great powers of the curing stone which belonged to the McCarthy O’Leary family for five hundred years. Track 3: The families of the O’Connells, the O’Learys and the McCarthys intermarried on several occasions over the generations as explained by Elizabeth O’Connell. She also recalls James O’Connell, First Baronet, who in 1820 first came to Lakeview. Track 4: Elizabeth O’Connell explains that she feels very much at home at Lakeview as these were originally McCarthy Mór lands. Track 5: In 1953 Elizabeth married Morgan O’Connell and she recalls her early married days at Lakeview. Track 6: Ballycarbery Castle in Iveragh, Co Kerry, which belonged to the O’Connell family in the 19th century is discussed. Track 7: Elizabeth O’Connell’s uncles fought in the First World War, and they are remembered here. Family portraits of the O’Connells and the McCarthy O’Leary family are described. Track 8: Coomlagane House in Millstreet, the home of Elizabeth O’Connell’s father’s people, is recalled. Track 9: The well known members of the O’Connell family, John and Morgan, are recalled. Track 10: Elizabeth O’Connell reads a letter written by the grandmother Fogarty, from Artane House in Dublin during the Black and Tan period. Track 11: Some interesting people whom Elizabeth O’Connell has met in Kerry, in particular former French President De Gaulle, are recalled. The airfield at Lakeview House, in the 1940s and 1950s used by guests of the House while it was run as a hotel by the O’Connell family is also mentioned. Track 12: The history of Blarney Castle in Cork is chronicled by Elizabeth O’Connell.

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Great Houses of Cork and Kerry, first series


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Lakeview House, Killarney, Co Kerry Part 1

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Maurice O'Keeffe