Lucille Redmond (b. 1949)
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Lucille Redmond (b. 1949)


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Track 1: Barbara Redmond, mother of Lucille Redmond, was the daughter of Thomas MacDonagh. He was an educationalist, born in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. His granddaughter describes him as a socialist and humaninst rather than a radicalist. She describes his involvement in the Howth gun running in 1914. Track 2: Thomas MacDonagh’s friendship with Eoin MacNeill is recalled and Lucille gives her views on the Countermanding Order by MacNeill, together with her grandfather’s determination to nonetheless proceed with the Easter Rising. Track 3: Thomas MacDonagh’s subsequent arrest and death sentence, and the family’s experiences during the period before his execution in Kilmainham are described. Lucille’s grandmother, Muriel, was a sister of Grace Gifford, who married Joseph Plunkett at Kilmainham Jail. She is also discussed. Track 4: The circumstances leading to Muriel MacDonagh’s tragic death in 1917 and its aftermath are recalled by her granddaughter. Track 5: Lucille Redmond’s granduncle, Joe MacDonagh, who took an active role on the republican side during the Civil War, is recalled. Lucille provides her own views on the 1916 revolutionaries, their idealism and the contrast between them and later Irish revolutionaries. She explains that her mother’s godfather was P. H. Pearse. Track 6: Lucille recalls her mother Barbara’s feelings of neutrality following the signing of the Treaty. A discussion ensues on the circumstances of the burial of the executed 1916 revolutionaries. Track 7: Lucille Redmond recalls her maternal grandmother Muriel Gifford’s background and her siblings. Track 8: Contains a discussion on the 1966 Commemorations and a speech given by Lucille’s mother, Barbara, at Cloughjordan (birthplace of Thomas MacDonagh) at that time. Lucille reads from a letter written by her grandmother, Muriel, to her husband, Thomas MacDonagh, in 1915. Lucille mentions a very early recording compiled with her grandmother, Muriel, in 1911, the whereabouts of which are unknown. She discusses her knowledge of the circumstances of the lives of her grandparents prior to 1916.

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MacDonagh, Thomas (Interviewee’s grandfather)

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