Mary Dawson (b. 1926)
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Mary Dawson (b. 1926)


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Track 1: Mary Dawson describes her mother’s Davis family background. Brigid Davis was a nurse who worked with Dr. Kathleen Lynn, a member of the Irish Citizen Army and their Chief Medical Officer during the 1916 Rising. Dr. Lynn founded St. Ultan’s Hospital for Infants in Dublin in 1919. (The Irish Citizen Army was founded by James Connolly and James Larkin during the Dublin Lockout of 1913, to protect workers from attacks by the Dublin Metropolitan Police.) Brigid Davis’s early involvement in the Lockout in 1913 and her subsequent involvement in the Rising are examined. Her friendship with socialist and Citizen Army member, Rosie Hackett, is also described. Track 2: The background to the Davis family in Portrane, Co. Dublin, is explored and Mary Dawson’s grandparents, schoolteachers in St. Margaret’s, who later made their home in a building opposite the Four Courts in Dublin, are recalled. The meeting of Brigid Davis and her future husband, Patrick Duffy, who fought under the command of Michael Mallin in 1916, is described. Brigid Davis witnessed the shooting of Seán Connolly, Commander of the City Hall garrison in 1916, and this event is discussed. Track 3: Rosie Hackett is fondly remembered as a small woman who ran a tobacconist shop attached to Liberty Hall. The character and religious beliefs of Brigid Davis are described by her daughter, who was told that the Citizen Army were very well prepared by James Connolly, and by the women, with medical equipment and supplies. Her mother’s clear recollection of the night she spent in Liberty Hall, prior to the start of the Rising, is described. Track 4: Provides a description of the prevailing mood in Dublin following the Rising. Brigid Davis’s disillusionment about the events of the Civil War is described, as is her husband’s army captaincy while he was stationed at the Curragh. Track 5: The great conversations about old times enjoyed by Brigid Davis and Rosie Hackett later in their lives are described. Brigid Davis took part in just one 1916 commemoration, in 1942, when she marched proudly with her green and gold band in an event clearly recalled by her daughter. Also recalled is the fact that Brigid Davis occupied the cell below P. H. Pearse and others in Kilmainham Jail following the Rising, and the effect of this experience on her later life is explained. Track 6: Mary Dawson recalls her father, Patrick Duffy, and his working life. Track 7: Dr. Kathleen Lynn’s personality and her close friendship with Brigid Davis is discussed. Mary Dawson’s meeting with Nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell, who came to visit Brigid Davis at her home in later years, is recalled.

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Davis, Brigid (Interviewee’s mother)

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