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Doing an interview outdoors on an Irish summer's day

Through our decades of work in audio recordings and books, thousands of rare voices have been captured. In rich accents from all regions of Ireland, we document the country's local, national and social history as well as her unique culture, customs, beliefs and traditions.

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You can download individual recordings (€6.99) or purchase them on CDs (€15). You can also view the price of each Oral History Collection, see applicable Collection page.



On Thursday 13th February 2014, an historical event to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Ashbourne in 1916 was organised at Corduff National School in Lusk, Co. Dublin,  by Principal Ms. Anna McKeown. 
Kerrryman Tomas Ashe taught at the school  during the years prior to the 1916 Rising, and the event was attended by his niece Ms Eileen Quinn and by ten sons of those who also fought in the Battle who were recorded for the Irish Life and Lore 1916 Rising Oral History Collection. Also there to play for the attendance were members of the Black Raven Pipe Band, originally formed by Tomas Ashe.   Copies of the recordings compiled with the descendants of those who fought at Ashbourne in 1916 and a copy of a letter written in prison by Tomas Ashe to his father in Lispole in December 1916, nine months prior to his death following his hunger strike at Mountjoy Jail, were  presented to the school by the O'Keeffes.
Corduff National School commeorates centenary of the Battle of Ashbourne Left-right: Colm Quinn, Anna McKeown, Eileen Quinn, Maurice O'Keeffe


The 1916 Rising Oral History Collection

The 1916 Rising Oral History Collection: catalogue

SKU: CAT-1916
Price: €26 Catalogue (text and colour photos) (incl €6 postage & packaging)

In February 2012, the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht and South Dublin County Council supported us in the compilation of an oral history collection of interviews relating to the 1916 Rising. This fascinating project has now been completed and was launched by Minister Jimmy Deenihan at Dublin Castle on 13th November 2013.

In all, 99 people were recorded. These include children, grandchildren and other close relatives of the revolutionaries of 1916. Valuable historical and personal information can now be accessed through this oral history collection. Not alone are personal experiences during Easter Week 1916 described in detail, explanations of the reasons why people participated in the Rising are also provided. Also heard are personal views on the sacrifice involved, the pain endured and the post-traumatic stress suffered in some cases. The absence of discussion by the revolutionaries on their involvement, in later years, is discussed, and the sense of responsibility to their historical legacy felt by their descendants, is explored.

Also included in the oral history collection are some early interviews of central figures in the Rising. These recordings were donated to the project by their families, who also generously contributed many historical documents and photographs.

Postcard: The Sinn Fein revolt in Dublin

Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht/ An Roinn Ealaíon, Oidhreachta agus Gaeltachta

Details of all those recorded for The 1916 Rising Oral History Collection – 111 interviews – along with a brief synopsis of the content of each tracked recording, are now available for purchase on disk and MP3 download.

Also available is a disk containing the Categorised Audio Visual Clips.

Great Houses of Ireland

Great Houses of Ireland

Voices from the Great Houses of Cork and Kerry, by Jane O'Keeffe. Published by Mercier Press, 2013.

The Great Houses of Cork and Kerry, first Collection (51 interviews) is now available for purchase by download or on CDs. This series was launched at Fota House in 2011.

The Great Houses of Ireland, second Collection (70 interviews) is now available for purchase by download or on CDs. It was compiled in the counties of Kerry, Cork, Waterford and Tipperary; this project was also generously funded by FEXCO. The launch took place in April 2012 at the National Library of Ireland.



Work on the Irish Country House and the Great War oral history project is now underway.


» Work has now begun on an oral history project on Clondalkin Paper Mills, funded by South Dublin Libraries.

» Funding has been provided by the Town Councils of Tralee and Killarney for the compilation of two oral history collections. Councillors and voluntary workers in both towns have been included. The collections will be live over the coming weeks.

» Work is progressing on the Irish Country House and the Great War Collection, which will be completed by late 2014.

» From the archives – work is progressing on Witnesses to Independence (previously known as ‘Recollections of 1916 and Its Aftermath’), a collection of recordings done in the early 2000s with those who witnessed the 1916 Rising and its aftermath. Read more and listen to some brief excerpts from these interviews.

» The Fexco Financial Services Oral History Collection is now completed.

» Dr Helene O'Keeffe is working on her book To Speak of Easter Week, to be published by Mercier Press in Autumn 2015.  The book, supported by the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht, will relate to the recordings compiled for the 1916 Rising Oral History Collection.

» Forty-six interviews in the Horse Racing Ireland Oral History Collection are now available for purchase.

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