John Turrell (b. 1950) and Jane Whitaker
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John Turrell (b. 1950) and Jane Whitaker


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In 2006, work by archaeologists began on the excavation of a unique site on the south east portion of Ballykean bog, south of Daingean, Co. Offaly. In 2004, the site was discovered by a team of archaeologists while fieldwalking the bog. Archaeologist Jane Whitaker was present on site on the day this recording was compiled. She was there on behalf of the Archaeological Survey of Ireland, which is part of the Department of the Environment. On the day of the recording, the site was about to be closed, having been excavated since 2006. Jane Whitaker introduces John Turrell, the archaeologist who is the director and licence holder at the site. He has been in charge of the site since 2006, and has the responsibility of writing up the excavation report. Both archaeologists describe the site of a large habitation, which measures 22 metres in diameter and is surrounded by palisade posts and has an internal house structure – a crannóg style building in a bog environment. It dates from between 600-700 AD. Garret Sheehan, a well known archaeologist who has carried out over 200 surveys on the bogs since 1999, explains that this site is the most exciting and fascinating of them all.

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A crannóg unearthed

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Maurice O’Keeffe